The 6 Best Window Cleaning Robots: Top Models for the Job

best window cleaning robots

Last Updated on October 2, 2023

Window cleaning in a multi-story house is no joke. Reaching high windows can be dangerous, and ensuring they are streak-free is often difficult.

Fortunately, there is now a solution: window-cleaning robots. These innovative nifty little devices are specifically designed to clean windows, and they can do a surprisingly good job so quickly and easily.

Window-cleaning robots offer a modern solution, efficiently cleaning windows without streaks. These devices are affordable, outpacing traditional methods and professional services. With advanced technology, they navigate and clean windows, ensuring a spotless finish. Discover the best window-cleaning robots and elevate your home’s cleanliness.

However, in today’s market, finding trustworthy reviews and ratings for different robot window cleaners can often turn out to be a challenge.

Our full guide is a great resource for those on the fence about robot window cleaners. We’ll walk you through everything from how these devices work to which features you should look for when shopping.

And at the end of it all, we’ll share our top pick for the best window-cleaning robot currently on the market. So if you’re ready to take your home’s cleanliness to the next level, read on!

Our Recommendations for the Best Window Cleaning Robots

Editor’s Choice

Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot

An Absolute Star Bot
Cord-type/Power Source: Battery powered
Charging Time: 60 mins
Suction: 3Kpa
Control Method: App, Remote, Touch
Noise: 65 dB


AlfaBot X7 Vacuum Window Cleaner Robot

A Leader in the Field
Cord-type/Power Source: Corded (AC Power Source)
Charging Time: 60 mins
Suction: 3Kpa
Control Method: Remote
Noise: 65 dB

Best Value

Sophinique X5 Vacuum Smart Glass Window Cleaner

Best Value for Money
Cord-type/Power Source: Corded Electric
Charging Time: 60 mins
Suction: 5Kpa
Control Method: Remote Control, App Control
Battery Life: 30 minutes

What is the Amazing Technology that Enables WinBots to Travel?

What is Amazing Technology Used for WinBots to Travel?

Winbots, also known as window cleaning robots, utilize amazing technology to travel across windows effortlessly. This technology uses either suction or specialized magnets to keep the robot in place while cleaning your windows. Here’s a closer look at the amazing technology that makes Winbots possible:

Suction-Based Technology

The majority of high-quality window-cleaning robots use suction-based technology. These machines create enough suction to hold the robot to the glass surface, allowing it to move easily across your windows.

It’s important to note that some suction-based Winbots can be quite loud, so checking the noise level before purchasing a device is essential. However, most high-end suction-based Winbots are designed to mitigate noise levels and work on various surfaces, including skylights.

And backup battery technology has evolved, making vacuum robots less prone to falling.

Specialized Magnets

While less common than suction-based robots, some Winbots use specialized magnets to stay in place while cleaning your windows. These magnets operate using electrostatic attraction, pushing and pulling electrons to create a force that holds the machine to the glass.

While magnetic robots seem quite magical, they have some downsides, including limited versatility. Attaching a magnet to the opposite side of some glass surfaces is only sometimes an option. Magnetic Winbots are quieter than suction-based models since they do not use motors, but that comes at the cost of slower mobility.

Advanced Sensors and Software

Regardless of which type of technology is used, all Winbots feature advanced sensors and software to help them move across windows. With these sensors, it can detect the edges of windows and other obstacles, so it can clean safely without crashing your glass and figure out the best route to take.

Some models also use AI features, which help them identify the dirtiest areas and clean them first. These technologies make Winbots incredibly efficient at cleaning windows and mimic how a human cleaner would approach the task.

Intelligent Mapping

The most advanced Winbots come equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) features that help them map out the windows in your home. Once it knows its location, it can map out a route to its destination.

It then uses its motors to move along that route to the dirtiest areas of the window and adjust its cleaning pattern accordingly to ensure thorough cleaning.

Three-Part Cleaning Process

Winbots use a three-part cleaning process that mimics how a human cleaner would clean windows. First, cleaning pads remove dirt and dust from your windows. Next, cleaning fluids wipe off the remaining grime. Finally, a squeegee dries the surface and prevents any streaks.

The three-part cleaning process mimics how most human cleaners clean, meaning that your windows will be left spotless. This process ensures that your windows are left spotless after cleaning.

Your windows will be cleaned and glistening without any manual effort on your part. It’s also worth mentioning that this robot is extremely quiet, so it can be operated at night without disturbing anyone else.

Also, read our article explaining how window cleaning robots work.

The Top 6 Window Cleaner Robots Based on Their Features and Performance

Now that we know everything about window cleaner robots, it’s time to choose the best one. We’ve researched for you and compiled a list of 5 of the best robot window cleaners on the market.

Whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly or high-end, we’ve covered you. Check out our list and find the perfect window cleaning solution for your home.

  1. Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot – Best Overall
  2. AlfaBot X7 Vacuum Window Cleaner Robot – Runner-Up
  3. CHOVERY CL.2 Window Cleaner Robot
  4. Sophinique X5 Vacuum Smart Glass Window Cleaner
  5. Gladwell, Gecko Robot Window Cleaner
  6. Home Times Window Cleaning Robot

1. W120-T Mamibot Robotic Window Cleaner: An Absolute Star Bot

Welcome to the world of effortless window cleaning with the W120-T Mamibot Robotic Window Cleaner! This is one of the best smart devices of IFA 2018.

Though it’s not perfect, it’s still the best window cleaner robot on the market. With an incredible range of features, this robot window cleaner makes it easy to keep your windows sparkling clean.

The W120-T is a handy square-shaped gadget covering more than 99% of the glass surface. It has a remote control so you can easily monitor your robot’s progress from the comfort of your couch.

Its powerful suction cup keeps it firmly attached to the glass, and its rotating cleaning brushes ensure that no dirt or grime is left behind.

The specially designed Micro Fabric Cloth will not hurt the glass surface. The W120-T uses both dry and wet cleaning methods, allowing you to clean quickly and efficiently.

A built-in UPS battery allows the robot to remain on windows for 20 minutes and detect sudden power outages.

An anti-falling sensor that works in multiple directions, with a strong safety rope attached to it.
The Mamibot W120-T Robotic Window Cleaner is truly a highly qualified device with excellent performance.

Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum with iGLASSBOT APP/Remote Control
  • 🙋‍♀️Why Choose W120-T: Mamibot iGLASSBOT robot window cleaner with stylish design and good…
  • 🤞Safety Guarantee: Multi-direction anti-falling sensors, with safety rope equipped. The built-in…
  • 💖Powerful Version: The suction power of the window washing robot reaches 3000pa (2.5min/sqm),…

Operational Suggestion

Here are some tips for using the Mamibot W120-T:

  • Give your windows a manual dusting before using the Mamibot. This will help the cleaner to get a head start on the dirt and grime.
  • Correctly install the rag (yellow for dry, gray for wet).
  • It is necessary to perform several dry passes on the glass before applying for the wet program.
  • Always run the wet program with cold water and do not expose it to sunlight.
  • If it does not stay clean, do not be discouraged. Repeat the process but with clean rags.
  • When you use the attached small spray bottle, make sure to pay attention to how much detergent you use – too much will make your windows streaky! Each rag side should be sprayed four to eight times with whatever cleaning solution you prefer.
  • Whenever the W120-T suddenly stops or slows down, please change the rag before continuing to clean.


  • Effective cleaning by two rotating cleaning pads
  • Covers a large surface area
  • Simple and user-friendly controls
  • Has multiple safety features
  • Automatically detects obstacles
  • Alerts about sudden power outages
  • Reasonable price


  • Cleaning skylights and inclined surfaces are not recommended

2. AlfaBot X7 Smart Vacuum Window Cleaner Robot: A Leader in the Field

The AlfaBot X7 Smart Vacuum Window Cleaner Robot is a new breakthrough in technology that will take your window cleaning to the next level. This little machine is specifically designed to do the job quickly and easily, requiring minimal effort on your part.

Simply place it on your window and let it do its job. It is equipped with a powerful motor and advanced robotic technology, making it one of the best.

This machine features two suction cups that attach to glass surfaces, allowing it to move vertically and horizontally.

It comes with an ultrasonic water spray nozzle and a washable microfiber pad that work together to clean your windows.

With a safety rope attachment feature, it’s easy to clean hard-to-reach areas that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own.

The AlfaBot X7 is very easy to use and can be operated with just the push of a button and a 30 minutes battery backup.

More practical and economical than other window-cleaning robots, leaving your windows streak-free and clean.

AlfaBot X7 Smart Window Vacuum Cleaner with Automatic Water Spray, Glass Cleaning Robot for Interior/Exterior Highrise Windows
  • Automatic Water Spray – This AlfaBot X7 glass cleaning machine designed with ultrasonic water spray…
  • Remote Control – AlfaBot window cleaning robot can be manually operated to clean under 3 modes from…
  • Deep Cleaning for Highrise Windows – Intuitive cleaning technology guides X7 robot to clean in a…

Operational Suggestion

All you need to do is fully charge the battery (with the green light on), put the robot in auto-start mode, and let it do its thing.

It’s a two-step process! To start, you vacuum off loose dirt with dry pads.

Take it down, spray each pad with two sprays, and run it again. Depending on the window size, you may need to spray another spray in front of each pad every 20 feet or so. A six-foot by six-foot window should be sprayed four times.

If the robot encounters any errors, it will stop and you can restart it manually with the remote.

If the robot slips, simply spray water on the glass surface or remove the pad and spray. Never spray directly on the machine.


  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful suction and scrubbing functions
  • Cleans hard-to-reach places with rope attachments
  • Ultrasonic water spray nozzle for better cleaning
  • 30-minute backup battery in case of a power failure


  • Noise it makes may be an issue for some people
  • Takes longer period of time to clean larger windows and surfaces

3. CHOVERY CL.2 Automatic Robot Window Cleaner: The Ultimate All-in-one

The CHOVERY CL.2 Robot Window Cleaner is a top-of-the-line product that will make cleaning your windows a breeze. This cleaner is worth its price, as it comes with a wide range of features covering the basics and more advanced needs.

While other window cleaners try to do everything, the CHOVERY CL.2 keeps things simple and easy to use. There are cheaper options available on the market, but the CHOVERY CL.2 is a good all-rounder that should be considered if your budget allows it.

The AI Technology V4.0 calculates the route and automatically cleans it, and then stops automatically after the cleaning is completed.

Equipped with new intelligent automatic water spray technology, this robot will make your life easier by taking care of the cleaning for you. 

The 4-meter high-strength lanyard and anti-falling control algorithm make this cleaner safe and reliable to use.

It automatically detects window frames to prevent falls and comes with a safety rope just in case.

The water tank is large enough to ensure sufficient water volume during use, and there is no need to spray water manually repeatedly. Just set it up and let it do its thing! 

Overall, the CHOVERY CL.2 Window Cleaner Robot is a top-of-the-line product that should be considered by anyone in the market for a new window cleaning tool.

CHOVERY CL.2 Window Cleaner Robot with Ultrasonic Auto Water Spray,Window Vacuum Cleaner with APP/Remote Control
  • 【DEEP CLEANING】 – The double spiral cleaning head perfectly cleans the windows and solves the…
  • 【AUTOMATIC WATER SPRAY】- Our new window cleaner robot is designed with auto ultrasonic water…
  • 【SUPER SUCTION】-The suction power reaches 5600pa, which can firmly absorb the windows (the fiber…

Operational Suggestion

The remote is a key part of the machine. If it is broken, the machine is unusable. It is better to be careful with it.

If the glasses are very dirty, put the mops without the cleaner solution. In the manual, they say to do it that way, and it works much better.

This innovative device can clean your windows quickly and easily, with no need for complicated products or rare cleaners. Simply pour a little glass cleaning solution into the reservoir, and the machine will do the rest.

Just a little bit of spray will do. You should not wet the mop. A slight dampness only.

The pads are designed to absorb only the right amount of cleaner, so your windows will come out streak-free and sparkling clean.


  • Easy to use
  • Safety rope attachment feature
  • AI Technology V4.0 detects obstacles and stops if necessary
  • Large water tank
  • Noise-free during operation
  • Backup battery in case of a power failure
  • Three-year warranty


  • The remote will only work if you are relatively close to the cleaner

4. Sophinique X5 Smart Glass Cleaning Robotic Window Vacuum Cleaner

The X5 Smart Glass Cleaning Robotic Window Vacuum Cleaner is a must-have gadget for anyone who owns large glass windows. This smart little machine moves autonomously around your window, cleaning as it goes.

This amazing little robot uses intelligent AI technology to clean glass surfaces in three directions, automatically detect window edges, and never damage the glass.

The high-strength safety rope makes it perfect for cleaning high windows, balconies, and mirrors. If your windows are within reach, this is still an amazing gadget to have.

The perfect solution for anyone who hates cleaning windows and showers. With 7 sets of washable cleaning pads, a remote control, and an empty spray bottle, this robot does all the hard work for you while you relax.

The long power cord and backup battery make it easy to clean large areas, and the built-in suction ensures that your windows will be spotless in no time.

It’s fun to control with your smartphone and the results are always impressive.

Sophinique X5 Window Vacuum Cleaner Smart Glass Cleaning Robotic with APP & Remote, Intelligent Automatic Cleaner Robot for Outdoor/Indoor Windows
  • 📱 REMOTE & APP CONTROL -Window cleaning robot has 3 auto cleaning modes in directions, an…
  • 💧 DEEPLY CLEAN – Outdoor window cleaner is a smart household appliance, it works with a built-in…
  • 👌 SAFE AND SECURE – Robot window cleaner has a powerful vacuum adsorption capacity is up to 6KG,…

Operational Suggestion

  • Use a little glass cleaner and water for the best results. Do not overwet the cleaning pads – just lightly dampen them with the spray cleaning solution.
  • Also, keep an eye on it to make sure it does not fall off your window or balcony.
  • For best results, replace the reusable pads every few windows, and start with a separate dry run to remove all the worst dust. 
  • The pad must be changed often because if it becomes dirty, it will leave marks on the window.


  • A three-direction auto-cleaning mode cleans the entire window
  • Remote-controlled intelligent AI technology
  • High-strength safety rope for high windows and balconies
  • Easy assembly
  • Washable cleaning pads, 7 sets
  • A long power cord and a backup battery are included
  • Built-in suction to ensure spotless windows


  • A bit of noise when the robot is in operation. The sound resembles a small vacuum cleaner
  • May take a while to get used to the robot’s movements and patterns, which can be confusing at first

5. Gladwell, Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

Self-navigating Gladwell Gecko window cleaners make window cleaning easier, removing the chaos and anxiety of the job.

It has an internal cleaning water tank and spray nozzle. It cleans windows, mirrors, glass doors, and other surfaces with ease.

It features an attractive, sleek design and is compact enough to fit on any windowsill or ledge.

It works perfectly with a window cleaner – fill the internal tank with your favorite brand of window cleaner, set it in place at the top of the window pane, press “clean,” and let it do its thing!

The Gecko comes with 3 automatic cleaning path options and washable microfiber pads, with a self-applicated cleaning solution making it easy to keep your windows clean and streak-free.

Finally, the Gecko’s anti-fall technology and notification buzzer help to prevent accidents and keep you informed of the cleaning status. 

Once finished, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone.

Gladwell, Gecko Robot Window Cleaner, Smart Glass Cleaning Robotic Technology App and Remote, Powered Washer
  • Intuitive cleaning technology – Our smart artificial intelligence powered design will get your…
  • Safe and secure – With the gecko window cleaner, you do not have to climb ladders or put yourself at…
  • Remote and app power – The gecko’s smart design allows it to be controlled from the palm of your…

Operational Suggestion

  • The Gecko must be placed in the upper corner of a window and it will detect the edges automatically. Better yet, this window cleaner comes with a remote control that allows users to operate it easily.
  • Depending on your cleaning needs, you can select from three programs.
  • Once the pads have been sprayed with 1-2 sprays of cleaning solution, place the device on the window, turn on the device (the light will turn blue when the device is secure), and secure it with the provided cable.
  • Don’t apply too much solution to the pads or window. The Gecko will leave your windows streak-free and sparkling within minutes.


  • Self-navigating and easy to operate
  • Anti-fall technology for safety
  • Full coverage window cleaning with three automatic cleaning paths
  • Washable microfiber pads for streak-free windows
  • Durable, compact design
  • Built-in tank and spray nozzle for convenient use of window cleaner
  • Notification buzzer to keep you informed


  • For cleaning large windows, the cord is too short
  • A bit pricy

6. Home Times Window Cleaning Robot: A Newbie Star Winbot in the Market

Today’s new star in the field of robotic window cleaners is Home Times Window Cleaning Robot. This newly upgraded window cleaner bot has a lightweight design, an easy-to-use interface, and very effective cleaning capabilities.

It features an advanced AI navigation system to quickly and accurately clean windows with ease.

The powerful and strong suction and the zigzag cleaning routes-smart window cleaning system ensure that the robot will not miss a spot.

The built-in AI technology MEMS detection system, highly sensitive border sensors, intelligent recognition, automatic obstacle avoidance, large and small windows can be adjusted, no border cleaning, no fall risks.

Finally, with its anti-fall feature, with the 4-meter safety line, you don’t have to worry about it falling down and breaking!

It’s also UPS (uninterrupted power system), which allows for a consistent and uninterrupted cleaning experience, even when AC power is disconnected.

The UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) keeps the device running for 20-25 minutes when AC power is disconnected, preventing the robot from falling off the window.
Overall, the Home Times Window Cleaning Robot is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a fast and efficient way to clean their windows.

Home Times Robot Vacuum Cleaner Glass Clean Window Cleaner Robot Window Cleaning Robot 2.4G Remote Control
  • Home times Window Cleaning Robot suitable for multiple hard smooth surfaces: floors, desks, mop,…
  • Cleaning cloth can be replaced, free for 4 pcs cleaning cloth, Strong adsorption and super absorbent…
  • With UPS emergency battery and safety rope double protection, support indoor and outdoor use, the…

Operational Suggestions

  • Make sure to read the instruction manual before operating the Home Times Window Cleaning Robot.
  • This window cleaner is very easy to use and does exactly what it is made for – clean windows!
  • The system works in three ways: The first one is for wiping the dust, the second one is for cleaning the dirt or mess and the third one is for cleaning improvement.
  • Attach and begin at the bottom of the window glass and it will clean the glass automatically as it moves up and down.
  • Use the remote control to control the robot’s movement, speed, direction, and cleaning mode.
  • Keep a close eye on the window cleaner as it moves around in order to avoid any accidents that may occur due to clumsiness or distraction.


  • Lightweight design with an easy-to-use interface
  • Powerful suction
  • Zigzag cleaning paths for smart window cleaning
  • MEMS detection system, border sensors, and obstacle avoidance
  • Anti-fall feature with a four-meter safety line
  • UPS (uninterrupted power system) for a consistent and non-interrupted cleaning experience


  • Noise from the engine can be distracting
  • Cleaning in edges and corners may not be as effective

How to Choose the Best Robotic Window Cleaners for Your Home or Business?

Not all window-cleaning robots are created equal. When shopping for one of these devices, it’s important to keep some key factors in mind.

Size and Weight

One of the most important things to consider is the size and weight of the window-cleaning robot. Ideally, it’s small enough to maneuver easily around your windows but not so small that it can’t handle larger cleaning jobs.

Most window-cleaning robots are between 10 and 15 inches in diameter. If you have particularly large windows, you may want to look for a model that’s on the larger end of this spectrum.

Cleaning Solution and Brushes

Another important consideration is the cleaning solution and brushes that come with the window cleaning robot. It is important to ensure that the solution is safe for use on glass surfaces and that the brushes are soft enough to avoid scratching.

Some window cleaning robots come with UV sterilization features that can help to kill bacteria and viruses on your windows. This is a great feature to look for if you’re concerned about the spread of illness in your home or office.

Water Reservoir

You should also be aware of the water reservoir. Most window cleaning robots have a small reservoir that holds enough water for a single cleaning session.

However, some models come with larger reservoirs that allow for continuous cleaning. A model with a large water reservoir may be a better choice if you clean many windows or want to clean them frequently.

Cordless or Plug-In

Cordless models offer greater flexibility and convenience, as they can be used anywhere without needing a nearby outlet. However, you’ll have to deal with the hassle of frequent recharging or battery replacement.
Moreover, cordless models usually have a limited run time, so they may not be suitable for larger windows or multiple cleaning sessions.

On the other hand, plug-in models offer consistent and reliable performance, as they are always ready to use with a steady power supply. You won’t have to worry about charging the battery or running out of power midway through a task.
But, you’ll need to ensure that there is a power outlet close enough to the windows you want to clean, which may not always be convenient.

There is always the option of a remote control device, which can make operating a robotic window cleaner even easier and more efficient. With a remote control, you can operate your machine with the push of a button without moving near it.

Motor Quality

The motor of the robot is perhaps the most impactful part of any automated window cleaner. A high-quality motor provides more suction power and speed, making it ideal for those worried about the cleaner falling or for those with many windows to clean regularly. The motor is what powers the device and allows it to move around your windows.

You’ll want to ensure that the motor is powerful enough to move the window cleaning robot around easily but not so powerful that it’s noisy or difficult to control.

A few different types of motors are commonly used in window-cleaning robots. Brushed motors are the most common, but brushless motors are also becoming more popular.

Brushless motors are more costly but efficient and tend to last longer than brushed motors.

AI (Machine Intelligence)

The AI technology in your robot window cleaner determines how well it cleans. While simpler machines use random routes to clean everything, advanced models utilize AI-powered routes with sensors and circuitry to track where it’s been and where it needs to go next.

For example, some models can detect the size and shape of your windows and adjust their cleaning pattern accordingly.

Other models come with sensors that can detect dirt and grime, so they can avoid areas that don’t need to be cleaned. The cutting-edge models use multi-step cleaning processes for a sparkling finish.

AI features like these can make your window-cleaning robot more effective and efficient, so they’re worth looking for if you’re in the market for a new model.


You’ll also want to consider the runtime of the window-cleaning robot. This is the time the device can run before it needs to be recharged or refilled.

If you have a lot of windows to clean, or if you want to be able to clean them more frequently, you’ll need a model with a long runtime.

On the other hand, if you only have a few windows to clean or don’t mind cleaning them less often, you can save money by choosing a model with a shorter runtime.

Charging Time

Another thing to keep in mind is the charging time. This is how long it takes for the window cleaning robot to recharge its battery.

For people who have a lot of windows to clean or who wish to clean them more frequently, you’ll need a model with a short charging time.

On the other hand, if you only have a few windows to clean or don’t mind waiting a bit longer for the device to recharge, choose a model with a longer charging time.

The Type of Window

You should also consider the type of window that you want to clean. There are two main types of windows: single-pane and double-pane.

Single-pane windows are the most common type of window and are usually the easiest to clean. Double-pane windows are more energy-efficient but can be more difficult to clean.

If you have double-pane windows, you must ensure your window cleaning robot is designed for that window type.

Some robots are designed for regular windows, while others are better for specialty surfaces like glass shower doors or skylights.

If you have a lot of different types of windows in your home or office, then you may need a versatile model that can handle multiple surfaces.

Ease of Use

Some models are very simple and can be used with just a few clicks. Others are more complex and may require some assembly or programming.

If you’re not particularly handy or don’t have a lot of time to spare, look for a model that’s easy to set up and use.

Safety Features

If you’re looking for a robotic window cleaner, don’t settle for just any brand.

Look for one that prioritizes safety features, including a backup battery to prevent accidents in case of power loss.

And a sturdy safety rope to keep the machine securely attached. Don’t compromise on safety; choose a brand that puts your peace of mind first.


Finally, think about your budget. Window cleaning robots can range in price from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand, so it’s important to find the right one for you and your budget.

It would be best if you also looked for a model with all the necessary accessories, like replacement brushes and cleaning solutions. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect robot for your home or business.

You need to realize that window-cleaning bots might not be 100% effective as you expected. They might not give you a smoother, finer shine as you’d like.

However, they’re the newest game-changing innovation in home and commercial cleaning. Don’t be discouraged by the negative reviews, these robots offer a time-saving solution for those tired of risking their safety to get a streak-free shine.

A bot that’s perfect for your business may not be the same as one that’s best for your home, but with some research and guidance, you’ll get one that’s right. Say goodbye to the tedious job of window cleaning and hello to your new mechanical cleaning companion.

Maintenance Tips

The best way to keep your window cleaner operating at its peak is by following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and regularly cleaning the pads and sensors. Check the window cleaner’s pads regularly and replace them when they become worn out or dirty.

  • Try to use distilled water rather than tap water when filling the tank, as you will find your windows are left streak-free.
  • If the window cleaner starts leaving streaks, this is usually a sign that the pads need to be replaced.
  • Make sure to keep the sensors clean so that the window cleaner can properly map out your windows.
  • Occasionally clean the suction cups so that they maintain a strong hold on your windows.
  • Be careful not to drop the window cleaner, as this can damage the internal components.
  • Store the window cleaner in a safe place when not in use.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners as these may damage the window cleaner or leave scratches on your windows.
  • Check for any software updates and make sure to install them as soon as they become available. This will help ensure that your window cleaner is running at its best.
  • If you are having trouble with your window cleaner, contact the manufacturer for technical support.

What are the Benefits of Robot Window Cleaners?

Everyone knows that keeping windows clean can be a hassle. It’s a never-ending chore that often requires scaffolding or ladders – and there’s always the risk of accidents.

But what if there were a safer, easier way to clean windows? Robot window cleaners or Windows are a new technology that is quickly gaining popularity.

These devices use suction to attach themselves to glass surfaces, and they include built-in brushes and cleaning solutions that help to loosen dirt and grime. They’re great for hard-to-reach windows and difficult cleaning jobs.

They’re also much more efficient than traditional methods like buttering or taping off glass surfaces – and they’ll save you time and energy in the long run.

Best of all, robot window cleaners can be operated remotely, so there’s no need to put yourself in danger just to get sparkling clean windows.

In addition, many newer models come equipped with features like UV sterilization and water-beading technology that can help remove streaks from your windows.

No Worries, Your Robot will Handle It All.

A robot window cleaner may be the perfect solution if you seek a safer and more efficient way to clean your windows. Of course, there are plenty of other window-cleaning robots on the market, and more are being released all the time.

Just make sure to do your research before buying and choose one that fits your needs. With the right model, you can look forward to spotless windows with minimal effort. We suggest taking a look at our above picks.

In our opinion, the Mamibot W120-T is the best window-cleaning robot on the market. And, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the Sophinique X5 is a great choice.

Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum with iGLASSBOT APP/Remote Control
  • 🙋‍♀️Why Choose W120-T: Mamibot iGLASSBOT robot window cleaner with stylish design and good…
  • 🤞Safety Guarantee: Multi-direction anti-falling sensors, with safety rope equipped. The built-in…
  • 💖Powerful Version: The suction power of the window washing robot reaches 3000pa (2.5min/sqm),…
The 6 Best Window Cleaning Robots: Top Models for the Job

2 thoughts on “The 6 Best Window Cleaning Robots: Top Models for the Job

  1. Does the Mamibot W120T remove salty spray & remove stuck on debris. Function on frame & frameless windows. Cleans big windows inside & outside. Clean edges & corners. Leaves no water marks or streaks.

    1. Yes, the Mamibot W120T can remove salty spray and stuck on debris. We suggest to use a small brush to first scrape off particles, then use the robot cleaner for removing stubborn stains.

      It is suitable for both frame and frameless windows, and it is capable of cleaning big windows both inside and outside.

      The machine also has special features to clean edges and corners more effectively.

      When using the Mamibot W120T, you don’t have to worry about water marks or streaks since its advanced cleaning technology prevents them from forming. With its multiple N+Z Cleaning Modes, you have greater control over the amount of cleaning solution used to ensure that your windows are left streak-free. Be careful about the amount of cleaning solution you use.

      Too much will leave streaks. Usually you can spray the rag 4 to 8 times on each side.

      Also, its high suction power allows it to easily remove dirt and debris even in hard-to-reach areas such as window sills, frames and edges. Before continuing to clean, change the rag if the W120-T suddenly stalls or slows down.

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