The Best Magnetic Window Cleaners on Today’s Market: Top 5 User Favorites in 2023

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Last Updated on October 2, 2023

Window cleaning is not your favorite task, is it? Now you don’t have to wipe and scrub relentlessly anymore.

Magnetic window cleaners revolutionize interior window cleaning for homeowners, keeping surfaces spotless and streak-free faster. This tool features an innovative design that allows you to clean the outer pane of glass without ever having to step outside.

What’s more, is that most of these devices come with extendable handles so you can reach further heights or those tough-to-access spots without needing a ladder or scaffolding. It’s just such an impressive piece of wonder – the way those magnets pull together so powerfully yet delicately, reliably yet gently doing their job cleaning your windows.

With such a surprisingly efficient device for domestic use like this little magic window miracle thingy, who would even think about spending money on costly professional cleaners anymore? There’s no need to waste any more energy or resources on manual labor – just check out these 5 best magnetic window cleaner picks for your home and make cleaning a breeze.

We have also included information on compatible glass thicknesses, included accessories, and cord lengths, so you get exactly what is right for you. Get ready to join the future of spotless windows!

Best Magnetic Window Cleaners: Top 3 Recommendations

Editor’s Choice

Tyroler Bright Tools Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner – S-1 Model for Single Glazed Windows

The Best in the Business
● Flexible range for different glass thicknesses
● Ergonomic design for minimum physical strain
● Four ultra-strong rare earth magnets
● Dual-sided squeegee technology made of microfibre
● Finger ring string for safety against accidental loss
● Easy-to-use adjustment features


Baffect Adjustable Magnetic Window Cleaner Glider for High-Rise and Car Glazed Windows

The Runner-Up
● Five levels of adjustable magnetism
● Ultra-strong neodymium iron boron magnets
● Anti-skid rope security for extra safety
● Long-lasting rubber and scouring pad material
● Sturdy 6 sponge water storage capabilities
● Long-lasting rubber and scouring pad material

Best Value

Baffect Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner for High Windows

A Good Value for your Money
● Powerful neodymium iron boron magnets
● 18-30mm suction strength
● Anti-slip safety handle and anti-skid rope security
● Two replaceable microfiber cloths
● Double-sided wiper design for efficient window cleaning
● Ergonomic design with superior holding power

Magnetic Window Cleaners: What is Their Secret?

Magnetic Window Cleaners What is Their Secret?

Magnetic window cleaners are the perfect solution for anyone who hates cleaning windows. How do they do it?

Well, the secret lies in their design. These devices use magnets to guide a cleaning agent across the windows’ surface, allowing both interior and exterior windows to be kept clean safely and quickly.

They come in various designs, including those with flexible cleaning heads or robotic arms, so there is sure to be one that fits your particular needs. Some even offer additional features such as telescopic handles and solar panels to power battery-operated cleaner robots.

Regardless of what type you go with, they all share the same basic design, which includes two parts; one part attaches itself magnetically onto the outside of the window pane while the other part is maneuvered from the inside via an attached handle.

The two parts of a magnetic window cleaner contain powerful neodymium magnets with opposite poles that are strong enough to hold the device firmly in place and allow it to move along the glass surface with ease. While the part that attaches to the outside has special bristles designed to move from side to side.

This combination ensures that the cleaner can adhere firmly to any kind of glass surface inside or outside your home. Each magnet has a cleaning pad on its face, so as you move the handle back and forth across the glass, both sides get cleaned simultaneously.

The pads also have bristles that help remove dirt and debris more effectively than ever before. It also allows them to effectively remove dirt, dust, pollen, and other materials from the glass without causing any scratching or hazing.

The magnets can be adjusted to accommodate different glass thicknesses, making them perfect for use on both single and double-paned windows. As if this weren’t mind-blowing enough, these cleaners use electrostatic energy, which neutralizes dust particles as they attach themselves to the window, making your cleaning job even easier!

With a magnetic window cleaner, you can finally say goodbye to tedious manual chores and stop worrying about streaks or smudges—just relax while the device does all the work. This is why they have become one of the most popular cleaning solutions on the market today!

Today’s Top Magnetic Window Cleaners: Our 5 Picks

With a horde of magnetic cleaners available on the market, how can you find the best one for your home? You’d be pleased to know that we have listed five of the top picks so you can tackle your window washing with ease!

These five recommendations will get you off on the right foot when it comes to smart and efficient window cleaning solutions. 

1.  Tyroler Bright Tools Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner

The Glider S-1 Model for Single Glazed Windows: Fits 0.1″-0.3″ Glass Thickness

The Glider D-2 Model for Thin Double Glazed Windows: For 0.3″- 0.7″ Glass Thickness

The Glider D-3 Model for Thick Double Glazed Windows: For 0.8″-1.1″ Glass Thickness

The Glider D-2 AFC Model for Thin Single-Double Glazed Windows: For 0.1”-0.3” Glass Thickness

The Glider D-3 AFC Model for Thick Single-Double Glazed Windows: For 0.1”-1.1” Glass Thickness

The Glider D-4 AFC Model for Single/ Double/ Triple-Glazed Windows: For 0.1”-1.6” Glass Thickness

2. Baffect Adjustable Magnetic Double Window Glass Wiper: Fits 4-30mm Glass Thickness

3. Baffect Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner: Fits 18-30mm Glass Thickness

4. Fcare 5-gear Adjustable Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner: Fits 0.3″-1.2″ Glass Thickness

5.  FONORAN Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner

1) Tyroler Bright Tools Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner: The Best in the Business

A big name in the industry of magnetic window cleaners, Tyroler Bright Tools has been producing quality products for over a decade now. Their Glider Models are among the most popular on the market and come in five different models – each specifically designed to fit different glass thicknesses.

Tyroler Bright Tools Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner

Whether you have single or double-paned windows, the Tyroler Bright Tools Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning every nook and cranny. The Glider S-1 Model is perfect for single-glazed windows, while the D-2 and D-3 models are designed for thin and thick double-glazed, respectively. The AFC models (Double-Sided) can be used on both single and double glazing.

With easy-to-use adjustment features on both sides of the cleaner and its distinctive double-blade design, taking care of your windows is easier than ever before. The cleverly designed blades quickly and effectively reach those hard-to-reach corners, so dirt and grime stand no chance!

The Glider S-1 model comes with two pieces – a magnetic scrubber and a magnet attached to wiping cloths in the other. The cleaning process is easy and fast, as you simply need to swipe the tool back and forth along the window surface. As it moves, it captures dirt and debris without leaving any streaks or smudges.

Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider S-1 Magnetic Window Cleaner for Single Glazed Windows Fits 0.1″-0.3″ Window Thickness
  • Attention Required Before Purchase! Ensure you select the precise Glider model for your needs: ONLY…
  • The Glider requires a short practice, for getting great results we recommend watching our video…
  • NOTICE – This is the ORIGINAL GLIDER – Beware of low-quality imitations. Our Glider is 100% brand…

An innovative solution for window cleaning dilemmas, investing in the Glider S-1 gives you amazing results in a fraction of the time needed for traditional methods. With its flexible range, durable materials and efficient approach – don’t forget that Tyroler Bright Tools’ Glider Cleaners are ready when you need them!

User Information

When it comes to effortless window cleaning, Tyroler’s Glider is unbeatable! 

To use this device, spray the cleaning solution on both the inner and outer parts of the glass before proceeding. It has decent magnetic attraction through the glass, but you can still maneuver it easily.

Attach the safety string ring to the outside squeegee, then place it on the outer pane, matching the inner squeegee’s position. Rotating the two green plastic screws slightly adjusts the magnetic connection before working circularly with an S-shaped motion to wipe off dirt accumulated for years. 

Wipe up any excess liquid with a dry cloth. You will immediately notice how unblemished and clear the windows become after setting it up and using it for a few minutes.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Adjustable suction strength
  • Flexible range fits any window size
  • Sturdy design with superior holding power
  • Ergonomic handles for a strain-free experience
  • Dual-sided squeegee material ensures dirt removal without leaving streaks or smudges
  • Safety string included for added security


  • String may come undone if not attached properly.
  • Risk of scratching the glass due to magnetic pull

2) Baffect Adjustable Magnetic Window Cleaner Glider for High-Rise and Car Glazed Windows Thickness 4-30mm: The Runner-Up

Are you tired of cleaning your windows and having smudges every time? It doesn’t have to be this way anymore!

Introducing the Baffect Adjustable Magnetic Double Window Glass Wiper, the second option in our window cleaner roundup. With just a few swipes, you experience streak-free, sparkling windows inside and outside.

Double Side Magnetic Window Cleaner,Adjustable Magnetic Double Window Glass Wiper Glider
  • Material: Ultra-strong neodymium iron boron of magnet, scouring pad and rubber strip. It’s…
  • 5 levels of magnetism to suit different glass thicknesses: The magnetic window cleaner has 5…
  • Enlarge the sponge cleaning area: The double-sided window cleaner has 6 sponges with water…

Equipped with ultra-strong neodymium iron boron magnets for stability, plus scouring pads and rubber strips for durability, it’s the perfect addition to any home.

An adjustable magnetism feature allows you to suit different glass thicknesses – ranging between 4-30mm. The powerful magnets help both sides of the wiper to adhere closely to the surface of the glass, allowing for a thorough cleaning of all areas in just one pass. 

Baffect Adjustable Magnetic Window Cleaner

Its 5 levels of magnetism can be easily adjusted according to the thickness of the glass, with the 1st setting optimized for thin glass and the 5th setting ideal for thicker glass.

This tool is also equipped with 6 sponges with water storage capabilities to keep them moisturized at all times during cleaning operations. Each sponge can be disassembled and replaced at any time.

What’s more, its anti-slip safety handle, anti-skid rope security, and firm suction firmly hold the window cleaners steady.

With so many useful features, say goodbye to streaks and hello to perfectly spotless windows with this remarkable tool. There’s nothing quite like the convenience of a Baffect Adjustable Magnetic Double Window Glass Wiper!

Exercise Caution

The magnets are very strong; keep each side far away from the other until ready to attach, as they snap together ferociously.


  • Adjustable magnetism
  • Fits different glass thicknesses
  • Magnets made of neodymium iron boron for stability
  • Durable scouring pads and rubber strips
  • 6 sponges water storage capabilities
  • Anti-slip safety handle and anti-skid rope security
  • Firm suction for added security


  • Powerful magnetism may be too strong for thinner glass.
  • Sponges need to be cleaned often. 

3) Baffect Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner for High Windows Thickness 18-30mm: Best Value for Your Money

Would you like to clean your windows like a pro with just minimal effort and expense? Well, now you can!

Introducing the Baffect Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner, our top pick for the best value. Designed for superior performance, this cleaner is a must-have for all your window cleaning needs.

Baffect Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner, Window Cleaning Tools Glasses Cleaner Cleaning Brush for High Windows
  • 【Magnetic Window Cleaner】With strong double-sided magnetic design, this magnetic window cleaner…
  • 【Unique Modern Design】The triangular-designed magnetic glass cleaner can wipe to the narrow…
  • 【Safer Anti-falling Rope】 Our magnet window cleaner comes with long and safe anti-falling rope….

Utilizing the latest technology, it features two powerful neodymium iron boron magnets with a suction strength of 18-30mm.

Baffect Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner

This tool is also equipped with an anti-slip safety handle and anti-skid rope for added security – allowing you to reach windows up to 30 feet off the ground with ease.

Plus, its ergonomic design with superior holding power and dual-sided squeegee material provides a strain-free window cleaning experience for both indoor and outdoor use.

Also, the tool includes 2 replaceable microfiber cloths – each side with a different texture for better cleaning results.

The double-sided wiper design effectively reduces the effort required to clean both sides of your window simultaneously and more efficiently than ever before.

With Baffect’s professional quality Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner, those once dreaded cleaning jobs just became much easier.


  • Suction cup technology for a secure hold
  • Comfortable handle design for easy maneuverability
  • 2 powerful neodymium magnets to attach firmly against the window
  • Scratch-resistant material
  • Adjustable magnetism fits different glass thicknesses, 18mm to 30mm


  • Magnets are so strong that they’re hard to handle
  • Can be difficult to clean windows with heavy grime buildup

4) Fcare 5-gear Adjustable Magnetic Window Cleaner Fits for 0.3″-1.2″ Glass Thickness

Cleaning windows can be a painstaking task, requiring ladders and considerable effort to scrub away stubborn dirt, moss, and dust. That’s why the Fcare 5-Gear Adjustable Magnetic Window Cleaner is such a game changer.

Magnetic window cleaner, double-sided window cleaning brush Glass Wiper Cleaning Tools, outside window cleaner
  • Adjustable Magnetic- 5-Gears for different glass thicknesses (0.3″-1.2″) and can save 25$ for…
  • Window cleaner magnetic is easy to clean Hard-to-Reach Areas – An easy way to clean bedroom…
  • Enlarge the sponge cleaning area:The double side window cleaner have 3 sponges with water collection…

This innovative window cleaning tool easily attaches to all glass surfaces up to 0.3″ – 1.2″ in thickness with four powerful magnets and can move up, down, and side-to-side with its ergonomically designed five gears.

Fcare 5-gear Adjustable Magnetic Window Cleaner

With a unique design that includes three microfiber sponges and water tanks, this device can remove dirt and grime while simultaneously keeping the glass surface totally dry.

With six triangle pads (three on each side) easily saturated with any window cleaner solution of your choice, quickly and easily cleaned without running the risk of damaging the glass.

These pads also provide additional grip, ensuring that your window cleaner will stay firmly attached in place no matter how hard you scrub.

To ensure an even smoother operation, this product also comes with a 2.5m bolder safety rope that is resilient and secure, making the cleaning process effortless and enjoyable.

You’ll also receive a special surprise gift of 30 scouring pads, 4 rubber strips, and 30 buckles, so maintaining the state of your window cleaning task doesn’t just stop here!

All in all, the Fcare 5-Gear Window Cleaner will surely revolutionize anyone’s home cleaning experience.


  • Adjustable gear system fits a variety of glass thicknesses
  • Powerful magnets hold firmly in place
  • Microfiber sponges and water tanks
  • Six triangle pads provide additional grip and cleaning power
  • 2.5m bolder safety rope ensures secure operation


  • Magnets can be difficult to separate

5) FONORAN Plastic Dual-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner

Cleaning windows is never the most enjoyable task, but it doesn’t have to be a laborious chore with FONORAN Plastic Dual-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner. It gives you a chance to throw out your old bucket and scraper; now that you can take on glazing jobs easily, no streaks will ever stand in your way again!

Magnetic Window Cleaner, Double Sided Glass Cleaner, Plastic Dual-Side Home Window Glass Cleaning Tool
  • 【Magnetic Window Cleaner】 It’s made with ABS material, Natural Latex, NdFeB magnet of premium…
  • 【For 15-24mm Thickness】 Suitable for glass with a thickness of 20-30mm, please do not use a…
  • 【DOUBLE-SIDE MAGNETIC GLASS CLEANER WIPER】: magnetic glass wiper, with powerful internal magnet…

This handy modern device is made with ABS material, Natural Latex, and an NdFeB magnet of premium quality to provide superior magnetic force for effectively cleaning high-rise windows measuring 0.6″-1″ (15-24mm) thick.

With a 2m safety rope included, FONORAN promises users maximum safety during use and provides excellent stability utilizing its strong adhesive force.

FONORAN Plastic Dual-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner

Also, its double-sided magnetic window cleaner offers good strength, high toughness and stronger texture which makes the product more reliable than any other ordinary window cleaner in the market.

It uses high-quality absorbent cotton, which leaves behind no streaks or water spots.

Plus, the ergonomic grip is comfortable to hand, so you can easily reach tight corners. The handle also features a rubber strip of the highest quality for automobile wipers that ensures smooth and efficient wiping with every swipe. With its advanced design, this convenient window cleaner will make cleaning effortless – and even fun.

Even better, it comes at an attractive price point, making it a mind-blowing deal for those looking for an efficient yet cost-effective product to clean big or high windows of villas, office buildings, and school classrooms, among other places.

In conclusion, FONORAN stores Magnetic Window Cleaner is your go-to cleaner if you’re looking for a safe, affordable and easy-to-use solution that can quickly help make all your glass surfaces look amazingly clean.


  • Made of quality ABS material, natural latex, and NdFeB magnets
  • 2m safety rope
  • Strength, toughness, and texture are all good
  • High-quality absorbent cotton pads
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Premium automobile wiper grade rubber strip for smooth and efficient wiping
  • Affordable price point


  • Power of the magnets can be too strong and easily lead to smacking the pieces together, possibly cracking the glass

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Magnetic Window Cleaner

When it comes to picking the right magnetic window cleaner for your home, there are a few important things to consider. Here’s a quick guide on choosing the best one:

Know Your Glass Thickness

Determine the thickness of your windows before buying a magnetic cleaner—that way, you can ensure that the device you choose is compatible with your glass type.

Depending on the type of glass you have, certain cleaners may not be suitable. Single-pane windows require smaller magnet technologies as they cannot usually carry larger cleaning tools over thicker surfaces.

On the other hand, double panes can sometimes manage bigger devices. This means that you need to determine your window’s thickness before investing in a cleaner.

Pick the appropriate glider model based on your window thickness. Stay in your room while the glider cleans your windows.

Magnet Power

The next thing to consider is the magnet power of your cleaner. Magnets are what hold the two pieces together, allowing them to move across your window’s surface.

For larger windows, you need a more powerful magnet that can hold the weight of both pieces securely. A less powerful one may cause the cleaner to slip or fall off the window.

Check how much suction or scrubbing the cleaner can deliver. Look for a device that has powerful magnets, as this will ensure better cleaning results.

When looking for a new cleaner, always look for a model with strong magnets that firmly attach to the outside of your window without leaving any gaps between them. This will allow the entire window to be cleaned in one go and help avoid leaving streaks behind. 

Ergonomic Grip

Choose a cleaner with an ergonomic grip that fits comfortably in your hand. This will allow you to reach tighter corners and clean effectively without straining your hands. The handle should also feature a premium automobile wiper-grade rubber strip for smooth and efficient glass wiping.


Consider the device’s maneuverability, as this will determine how easy it is to use. When selecting a magnetic cleaner, choose one with an ergonomic design and clear instructions.

It is also important to figure out if you would prefer an attached or separate handle configuration and accessorize accordingly for comfortable use. A simple design is always preferable as it will help you finish the job quickly and efficiently.

Each feature must work perfectly together for cleaning tasks to be efficiently accomplished. 

Handle Length

Choose a cleaner with an extendable handle so you can comfortably reach high and hard-to-get places. If you have large windows or tall ceilings, it’s important to get a model with an extendable handle so that you can easily reach hard-to-get places.

This way, you won’t have to strain yourself bending over to reach these places.

Cleaning Pads

Ensure that the cleaner comes with two detachable cleaning pads—one for scrubbing and the other for wiping away dirt.

Look for models that come with adjustable pads to fit different glass thicknesses.


Durability also plays a role as these cleaners often have to take impacts against rough edges or damaging sunlight over time, so ensure that you select one made from high-quality materials. So long as the glass is not changed, you need to clean your windows quite often.

You must use a cleaner that you can sustain over time to achieve this. When buying a magnetic window cleaner, be sure to check its durability.


Choose a magnetic cleaner that is built with dirt-resistant materials, like a special coating on the magnets that prevents dirt buildup.

This will help to extend the life of your device and make it easier to clean without having to use harsh chemicals or scrubbing too much.

The better the quality of construction, the less likely it is to get dirty with regular use.

Accessories and Safety Features

Some magnetic window cleaners come with extra features and accessories that can make the cleaning process easier. Consider whether or not it has adjustable settings, an extendable handle, a squeegee, scrubbers, and other tools that could be beneficial when it comes to window cleaning. Additionally, look for safety features like a shatterproof casing and a non-skid base to ensure your safety while using the device.

Price Point

The price of a window cleaner can vary depending on the quality and features it offers. Check different models available in your budget range and compare their features to find the one best suited for you.

Make sure that the cleaner you invest in is made from top-quality materials that are durable, strong, and offer excellent cleaning performance. It should also come with an affordable price point so that you don’t need to break the bank to get a good quality cleaner.

Magnetic window cleaners come in many different sizes and levels of quality, so it’s important to weigh the features and cost to find a model that suits your budget.

Taking all these factors into account will arm you with the knowledge needed to pick the ideal magnetic window cleaner for your needs. With so many models available on the market, doing research before investing in one is essential for achieving a satisfactory cleaning routine and long-lasting results!

How do I Set Up a Magnetic Window Cleaner?

Setting up a magnetic window cleaner is easy and straightforward. All you need is the right window cleaner, magnets, protective wear, and cleaning solution – then it’s time to get going.

  1. First off, assemble the window cleaner according to the instructions.
  2. After making sure the connections are secure, position the cleaner on the outside of your window.
  3. Adjust the handle and pads to match the thickness of your window and press securely in place; spray the cleaning solution on either side of the glass, followed by putting on a safety string ring for added security.
  4. For a stronger grip, adjust the screws that are situated inner side to create a better connection between both sides of the cleaner through your window pane until it firmly holds onto the window.
  5. Start cleaning from one side of the glass to the other, making sure you’re using enough pressure for a thorough clean.
  6. Once satisfied with your results, lift off the cleaner and wipe away dirt or residue from both sides of the window.
  7. Then, move in a slow vertical manner from top to bottom; make sure that each pass overlaps with the other.
  8. And last, wipe away any excess liquid with a damp cloth once done for that mind-blowing sparkle.

Does a Magnetic Window Cleaner Require Any Maintenance?

Yes, there are some maintenance steps that you should take to keep your magnetic window cleaner in tip-top shape.

Follow the Instructions

Whenever you use a new cleaning tool, it is essential to read the instructions and follow them closely. This will ensure you get the best results from your magnetic cleaner and avoid any unnecessary damage.

Clean Regularly

It’s important to keep up with regular cleanings of your windows to ensure that there’s no build-up of dirt or grime. Additionally, this will help prevent any streaks from appearing on your windows.

Be sure to regularly check all the components of your magnetic window cleaner, such as the suction pads, handle and cords, for any signs of wear or damage.

Make sure to wipe down the cleaning pads with a damp cloth after each use. This will prevent dirt and grime from building up on them.

Regularly check all the screws and connections to ensure they are tight and secure. If any of them become loose, tighten them as soon as possible to ensure safe use.

After each use, clean off any dirt or dust that has accumulated on the device with a damp cloth.

Use the Correct Cleaning Solutions

Always opt for a cleaning solution specifically made for glass and avoid any harsh detergents that could damage the window frame or leave residue behind. Be sure to read the labels on any products you use and never mix different solutions. 

By taking note of these simple methods for proper maintenance and usage, you can enjoy clean windows with ease and extend the lifespan of your magnetic window cleaner.

So don’t hesitate to invest in a quality magnetic window cleaner and reap the benefits of sparkling clean windows!

Advantages of Magnetic Window Cleaners


A magnetic window cleaner allows you to easily clean your windows without having to climb ladders or lift heavy equipment. This makes the whole process quicker and easier for you!

Streak-Free Results

Magnetic window cleaners create a powerful suction that will ensure a streak-free finish every time.

Safer Cleaning

Magnetic window cleaners are much safer than traditional cleaning methods, as there’s no ladder or harsh chemicals involved.


Unlike most other window cleaners, magnetic cleaners can be reused multiple times and don’t require replacement parts or tools. This makes them a great long-term investment!

Longer Reach

You can easily reach those harder-to-reach windows without stretching or strain. These cleaners are also lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them great for use even on higher stories. With just a few passes of the handle, you can have clean, streak-free windows in no time!

Wider Coverage

Magnetic window cleaners provide a wider coverage than other traditional methods, which makes them perfect for cleaning large windows and surfaces quickly and effectively.

Cost Effective

Finally, magnetic window cleaners are very cost-effective compared to other cleaning methods, as you only need to purchase the device once and it can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly

Magnetic cleaners don’t use any chemicals or harsh detergents, making them a great eco-friendly choice for your home.

Low Maintenance

Additionally, magnetic window cleaners are very low maintenance and require little effort to keep them in good condition. A regular wipe-down with a damp cloth once a week is enough to keep them performing optimally.

These modern devices are so safe to use that you don’t even need to worry about any electricity-related incidents. Once the device is installed, it’s a cinch to use and maintain, just needing occasional maintenance like wiping or dusting.

Takes up little space

Magnetic window cleaners are easy to store and don’t take up much space. Small enough to fit in a toolbox.

Overall, magnetic window cleaners make it easier than ever to clean your windows quickly and efficiently without the need for ladders or harsh chemicals.

Get a Taste of the Difference!

Standing out from the traditional squeegee, mops, and buckets of soapy water, magnetic window cleaners use two brushes and magnets to stick to the windows, giving you complete control with your fingertips. With advancements in technology like this, you can take the hassle out of having a clean home or workplace.

With our favorite picks for the best magnetic window cleaner, you can bring your windows back to their sparkling selves in no time at all. Take, for example, the Tyroler Bright Tools Magnetic Window Cleaner; featuring easy-to-control adjustment on both sides of the cleaner and a dual-blade design that reaches corners more effectively than conventional equipment, this cleaner will easily remove dirt and grime from your windows in a matter of minutes.

Nothing else offers such effortless convenience as magnetic window cleaners. Check out our selections and experience one today!

You might also be interested in reading our article about the best window cleaning robots, or how window cleaning robots work.

Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider S-1 Magnetic Window Cleaner for Only Single Glazed Windows Fits 0.1″-0.3″ Window Thickness. Glass Cleaner
  • Attention Required Before Purchase! Ensure you select the precise Glider model for your needs: ONLY…
  • The Glider requires a short practice, for getting great results we recommend watching our video…
  • NOTICE – This is the ORIGINAL GLIDER – Beware of low-quality imitations. Our Glider is 100% brand…
The Best Magnetic Window Cleaners on Today’s Market: Top 5 User Favorites in 2023

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